Thanks to its special shape, the Beppy tampon is easy to insert. Serveral dermatological and clinical trials have proven that the Beppy causes no irritation and is safe to use. The tampon is ergonomically so well made that you will not even notice you have one in. Caution: do not leave the Beppy tampon in for longer than 8 hours.

The insertion is easy because the Beppy cordless tampon is moistened with Lacta-gel, healthy lactic acid that maintains the natural pH balance in the vagina. Please read the instructions before use.

  1. Beppy Tampon insertion
    • First wash your hands and take the Beppy out of its packaging.
    • Press the tampon together. Hold your labia open with your other hand and using your index finger, insert the tampon till it reaches the back of the vagina (the hole goes in last).
    • Never wait longer than 8 hours before inserting a new Beppy.
  2. Beppy Tampon removal
    • Stick your finger into the special hole and pull the Beppy out. It may be more convenient to raise one leg whilst doing this. If there are still any problems, then a vaginal douche can help. By introducing some water into the vagina, the Beppy tampon will get heavier and move down faster.
    • Never re-use a Beppy.
    • Never flush a Beppy down the toilet, as this can cause blockages. Use the bin.

If the vaginal douche did not work and you can not easily find the loop, you can crouch and use 2 fingers (tweezers grip) to pull out the tampon. You may use some light pressure.