INTIMALOOK.com is an online store based in Spain. Our experiences in life include Life & Health Coaching, Trade and Business Management and also High Customer Service. INTIMALOOK.com focuses in making life for women more comfortable. Our goal is to help women to be more aware of their bodies and their personal needs. INTIMALOOK.com gives you the opportunity to improve your active lifestyle and most importantly to discover your sensuality.

INTIMALOOK.com knows that many women are looking for comfortable and high quality products, so we have selected the best lingerie and sports bras available in the market. Bearing in mind your needs during menstruation, we have also added the cordless Beppy tampon to our product range. This will help you to avoid embarrassing situations. With Beppy tampons you will feel fresh, comfortable and protected while you are sunbathing, in the sauna or even engaging in sexual relations. Beppy tampons are also popular among both professional and amateur athletes, especially marathon or triathlon participants. For more information, please visit "Cordless Beppy tampon" in the Beppy section.

INTIMALOOK.com believes that this is the perfect package with special products that every woman needs to have in her wardrobe. We have tried these products ourselves and we want to share this experience with you!

We are always looking to extend our brands and are continuously adding to our range. We are here to cater to women’s extra needs and to help them find specific products for their active lifestyle. If you can’t find what you are looking for, please send us an email to info@intimalook.com and we shall endeavour to add it to our range.

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