Tampones Beppy


Are you fed up with your tampon? Is the cord hanging out when you swim, sunbathe or just enjoy the beach? Do you travel a lot and don't have time to change your tampon? Are you going on a date, getting married or traveling during your menstrual cycle? Do you want to avoid the embarrassment of spotting on clothes or bedsheets? Then Beppy is a life saver and will help avoid those embarrassing situations. Intimalook recommends Beppy cordless tampons for women, so she will not be prevented from enjoying any activity.

The Beppy tampon is perfect for you. It is a soft hygienic cordless sponge which is inserted into your vagina and envelops the cervix. It is safe, invisible and totally comfortable. The tampon is made of polyurethane sponge, which absorbs the fluids much more effectively.

These well designed tampons are manufactured in an hygienic environment and are individually packed to keep clean and fresh. They do not interfere with the natural flora of the bacteria, which is normally found in the vagina nor do they produce bacterial growth.

The Beppy tampon is a soft, flexible sponge that you insert into the vagina during your period. Thanks to the structure of the sponge and shape that it adopts, the Beppy cordless tampon offers invisible protection, even up to 8 hours. Invisible because the Beppy tampon is string-free. You can go to the sauna and no one will even notice you have your period; or go swimming without worrying about anything. With Beppy you can also stay clean and comfortable while making love during your period. The tampon is so discreet that you and your partner will not even notice it.

Beppy has already proven its quality and comfort to users in the sex industry. Beppy cordless tampons have been dermatologically and clinically tested. In recent years, more than 1.200.000 have been sold worldwide.

Please note that Beppy tampon is not a contraceptive.


Many women use Beppy when they do sports. Beppy tampons give you a safe and secure feeling when playing sports. With Beppy, you no longer have to give up your sports activities.

Beppy always remains firmly in place and does not leak. Whether you are doing pilates or playing rugby, Beppy provides optimal protection. You do not feel the Beppy tampon and it does not shift.

Beppy is also popular among amateur and professional athletes. With Beppy tampons you can run a marathon, for example, or compete in a triathlon with no worries or inconveniences.

The Beppy tampon always fits well because it adapts to the shape of your body. You can keep the tampon in for 8 hours and so there is no need to keep going to the toilet to change it.





SwimmingYesNot greatNo
Play sportsYesNot greatNot great
SaunaYesNot greatNo
HolidaysYesNot greatNot great
Going outYesNot greatNot great
ComfortYesNot greatNot great
SleepingYes (max. 8 h)NoNot great
Hypo allergenicYesNoNo
1 size fits allYesNoNo